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They Told a Story

I read it and think...

Monthly Book Discussion
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This is a down-to-earth book club.

I have searched for a monthly book club to join on lj and have run into the same problem repeatedly. I can't figure our what book they are reading this month and I don't know when they vote for the next month. I have to search and search. I decided to start a monthly book club that doesn't have that issue.

All members will be invited to recommend books each month. We will then vote and have a selection chosen before the month begins.

Once you have finished the reading, you may post comments at any time. Please use cuts for all spoilers, as a courtesy to other members.

Please use the month of the selection in your tag lines.

In return, I promise to add the monthly choice and the voting lists to the memories for as long as I manage this site. I will also keep a running list of all books we've read from the beginning. I will also do my best to add long discussions to the memories for easy access.