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December Book - They Told a Story
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Subject:December Book
Time:10:50 pm
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The Historian


Well, I really enjoyed this book. There are some obvious issues with it, but I liked the story.Here are my thoughts:

Okay, so a little girl finds a book and is afraid to ask her Dad about it because it's full of personal letters... which she doesn't read. Okay, so she's not that little... like 16. Still, if she didn't read the letters then why not say something. Also, if this is so all fired secret, why is it just sitting on his library shelf?

As mood7 said in his earlier posting, these "intelligent" people believe in Dracula right away. Mostly. There was a bit of skepticism, but maybe not enough. It's almost understandable with his daughter because she's so young, but the rest of them??? I got past this quickly by clinging to the idea that it started as a bit of fascination then the weird stuff brought it to reality for them. The fascination can be written away by a person's need to believe in something or a basic need for some mystery to solve.

Anyway, the story jumps around to the past a bit much, but it's kinda fun. Nostalgic. Like she's sitting there remembering how her father, this somewhat distant man, shares a deep secret with her. She's tasting it and feeling it as she tells the story and as she reads the letters. Mixing actual history into the plot line and actually researching it helps the story to find a somewhat possible feeling. No, I don't believe in vampires, but wouldn't it be interesting if the plagues of Asia and Europe were the result of Dracula's cursed??

The story unfolds slowly and the details are so abundant that you can almost smell the ruins and the old texts. Then, she finds her father in the crypt. It all speeds to 78 speed and no longer fills you with a history, but, instead, slams facts down your throat as if it would be too much to slowly work in the mother's story. All your questions, though you somewhat suspect some of the answers, are immediately put to rest and the book ends. Long, wonderful book with a hurried ending.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was a good story and well written as far as it went. However, I think the author rushed the ending and, though it somewhat satisfied my questions, it didn't let me feel, taste, experience the answers. As the first book for the author, this is excellent. I look forward to seeing what else she comes out with.

All that said, here's my synopsis:

Would I recommend it? Probably. Rate it on a scale of 1-10... 7. Will I read it again? Possibly, just to see if I missed some of the finer details... However, it will not be my first choice when entering my library. I will, however, keep it on my shelves. That says more than you know.

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Time:2006-01-07 04:58 pm (UTC)
Oh, good point about the book just sitting on the library shelf if it's supposed to be a secret. I completely agree with the ending being rushed. It's as if the author was trying to meet a deadline.

I will say, that I think her descriptive abilities were excellent. Her explanations of the places they went, the clothes they wore and the food they ate, really brought the characters and situations to life. There, so now I've said something positive, I feel better :-)

Thanks for setting this all up!
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December Book - They Told a Story
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